Moroccans residing abroad may conclude their marriage, according to the local  administrative procedures of the country of residence, provided that the conditions of the  offer and the acceptance, the capacity, the presence of the matrimonial guardian (WALI ), if  any, are met and that there are no legal impediments and the non-suppression of "dowry"  in the presence of two Muslim witnesses.
Moroccans who have concluded a marriage in accordance with the local law of the country  of residence must submit a copy of the certificate to the Moroccan consular services in the  place of establishment of the marriage certificate, or the place of residence of the spouses.
In the absence of these services, a copy of the marriage certificate shall be sent, within the  same period, to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, which shall  forward it to the registrar and to the section of the family justice of the place of birth of each  spouse.
If the spouses or one of them are not born in Morocco, the Ministry sends the said copy to  the family justice section of Rabat and to the Prosecutor at the Rabat court of first instance.

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