Custom facilities are granted to Moroccans residing abroad during the time of their Holidays or  of their final return to Morocco.
To know the exemptions of the rights and taxes or the reductions granted for the vehicles of  tourism or handicapped people, as well as the conditions required for the importation of the  vehicles, the MRA are invited to consult the website of the Administration of the Customs and  Indirect Taxes: « ».

Note. :Certain goods cannot be imported to Morocco, such as weapons, parts of weapons and  war ammunitions, narcotics and psychotropic products, writings, printed papers, cassettes and  video-cassettes recorded and any object contrary to the moralities and the law and order,  certain plants and crop products that likely are harmful or dangerous for the national flora.

Please bear in mind that the information provided in this site may periodically be modified.

It is thus recommended to consult Internet website of the Administration of the aforementioned  Customs administration.

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