Withdrawal of the biometric passport



The biometric passport must be withdrawn personally by the holder or through depositing the file of request by his/her legal representative, upon illustrating the receipt and a document of identity.

The holder must restore the receipt of application dated and signed, after checking that his/her personal data being reproduced on the page of information (page 2) of the biometric passport and signature on the “Register of handing-over of the passports”.

In the event of renewal, the applicant can withdraw his/her biometric passport only after illustrating his old passport to the consular service, which proceeds to its cancellation and its obliteration (perforation) before returning it to him/her.

In the event of deterioration, loss of the old passport: it must be produced a declaration endorsed and legalized by the Consulate or the authorities of the host country.

If the old passport contains valid visas, the interested party must announce it to the person responsible for the cancellation and the obliteration of the passports to avoid affixing of the seal of cancellation on the page containing the visa.

Required documents

Required documents

  • Receipt of application of the passport (in the event of loss of the Receipt): a lost document statement legalized by the Consulate or the authorities of the host country is required);
  • Identity card of the person who withdraws the passport.
  • May withdraw the passport of a minor child, the father, the mother if she has parental authority (deceased father, judicial decision, etc.) or if she has a power of attorney of the father of the child, as well as any other person duly mandated.
  • For the person under supervision, only the legal guardian can withdraw the passport or give a power of attorney to a third party.



  • In accordance with the legislation in force, the biometric passports not withdrawn by their holders within six month as from the date of the application, will be cancelled and destroyed by the consular service. In this case, no complaint is admissible on behalf of the interested; consequently, he/she must submit a new request for passport and pay all
  • related fees.

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